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Telescopic dentures

Following the model of the telescope with its telescoped tubes, a simple and well-proven anchoring system for dentures was developed - the telescopic crown. img telescopic denture. Telescopic dentures

It consists of two parts. On the abutment tooth there is the permanently fixed so-called primary crown - the "inner telescope". The exactly fitting counterpart sits in the removable denture and is called the "secondary crown" or "outer telescope".

The dentures can now be easily pushed onto the abutment tooth again and again. It is held firmly by the natural friction between the surfaces of the inner and outer telescope, at the same time it is easy and safe to remove.

Thanks to their design, telescopic dentures are delicate and not very annoying in the mouth, but also stable and easy to clean. Even if there are only two or three remaining teeth in the jaw, a telescopic bridge can be implemented and work very well in a long term.

It is also possible to include dental implants as additional abutments in the telescopic dentures. This increases the possibilities even more. We are at your disposal for any question - your dentist Buckow for prosthetics Berlin.

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