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Implant prosthetics

Dental implants are artificial roots, which consist of a biologically compatible material such as Titanium. They are placed in the jaw and can be loaded after a period of recovery. For example, a single missing tooth can be replaced with a crown on an implant. For a bridge, the two possibly healthy adjacent teeth would also have to be grinded. The implant sits firmly in the jaw and behaves in the mouth like your own tooth.

Implants offer a wide range of possible uses for prosthetics. Single crowns, bridges, telescopic dentures for jaws with no or few teeth can be attached to implants. Implants can also be used for the additional stabilization of bridge structures or dentures that are still held by your own teeth. This also improves the durability of the dentures.

Detailed information for you as a patient on treatment with implants can also be found in the Dental Implants menu, your dentists-Buckow in Berlin.

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