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Dentures - simply explained

Outstanding aesthetic results with the best biocompatibility can be achieved with all-ceramic reconstructions.

Today, crowns, bridges, inlays or larger reconstructions can be manufactured completely metal-free from all-ceramic material.

Crown All-ceramic - prosthetics


A crown is a proven way to protect a damaged tooth so that it can remain in the mouth permanently. Crowns can be made of different materials, e.g. from a metal core, which is covered with tooth-colored ceramic. It is also possible to make crowns from pure ceramics.. Depending on the type of tooth, slightly different materials or processes are used. Crowns can now also be manufactured using computer aided technology (CAD / CAM / CEREC).



A gap of a single missing tooth or several missing teeth can be closed by a so-called bridge. The two adjacent teeth to the gap are loaded with crowns which are firmly connected to one another by an artificial tooth or, in the case of a larger bridge, by several artificial teeth. A bridge is a very widely used form of prosthetics.

Inlay ceramic


An inlay is a laboratory made filling for a tooth defect. The inlay closes the tooth damage exactly and does not change over time due to discoloration. It is a permanent solution.



A veneer is a wafer-thin facing made of translucent ceramic that is permanently attached to the tooth in an adhesive process. With veneers, misalignments and discoloration can be compensated and the visual appearance of the front teeth can be greatly improved.

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