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Teeth cleaning for adults

Professional tooth cleaning

Professional tooth cleaning is an important component in the treatment concept of our practice. A specially trained dental hygienist thoroughly removes all plaque from the tooth surfaces in several steps. Many positive effects can be achieved as a result:

Professional tooth cleaning - prophylaxis can achieve several positive effects:

  • It has been proven that the risk of tooth decay and periodontitis is reduced. This eliminates costs and effort for treatment or later restoration.
  • The tooth surfaces become as smooth and clean as can hardly be achieved with your own oral hygiene - this pleasant feeling contributes to your well-being.
  • The teeth also appear brighter and tended.
  • Existing discolorations are removed and new discolorations are prevented - the teeth remain whiter.
  • The diagnosis of tooth damage is improved through prophylaxis because dental plaque and calculus are removed.

First all hard plaque, such as calculus and all soft plaque is removed mechanically or with ultrasound instruments. Sometimes a so-called air flow device is used to remove discoloration or deposits, in which the cleaning is performed using a special powder. The cleaning is always followed by polishing in several stages.

We are at your disposal for any questions about professional tooth cleaning.

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