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Healthy teeth even in old age

Many older patients find it increasingly difficult to keep their teeth and the oral cavity clean and healthy. Whether young or old, healthy teeth are crucial for a high quality of life, because the condition of the oral cavity has an essential influence on the entire organism and thus on our general well-being.

Often, however, especially older people are no longer able to take good care of their teeth or dentures. The sight weakens and you have difficulty recognizing your own teeth in the mirror. Rheumatic diseases such as arthritis make it challenging to hold the thin handle of a toothbrush.

Due to the natural bone breakdown, but also due to increased bone breakdown in chronic diseases such as periodontitis, the natural distances between the teeth become larger and there are more food particles stucking between the teeth. In addition, caries can develop on the exposed neck of tooth caused by bone loss. Often teeth are missing in older age and the denture has been provided with bridges or blocked crowns that are more difficult to clean. In addition to these factors, many elderly patients take numerous medications that also have a lasting effect on the environment of the oral cavity. This can cause dry mouth and bad breath.
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It is important that every patient recognizes these natural changes in age and actively counteracts them. Daily dental care can be supported with various devices. Starting with larger handles on the toothbrush up to mouth sprays as saliva substitutes.

Professional tooth cleaning is the ideal basis for healthy teeth and gums for life.

In addition to home oral care, frequent professional tooth cleaning and check-ups are also part of the prevention. Scientific studies have shown that frequent visit of tooth cleaning is an ideal basis for healthy teeth and gums for life, even into old age. Because home oral care is not enough to remove all bacterial deposits from the teeth and especially the interdental spaces.

Regular cleaning of dentures is also recommended by experts. Deposits and bacteria adhere permanently to dentures and negatively influence the environment of the oral cavity.

Dental prophylaxis is very important to us because it is a basis of modern dentistry. More and more patients can do without removable dentures through regular dental prophylaxis.

Our practice and prophylaxis team tries to actively support you in maintaining your dental and oral health!
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