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Zahnarzt - Trockener Mund: Was hilft?

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Dry mouth: what helps?

Dry mouth, also called xerostomia, is an underestimated problem that often affects elderly patients or patients with chronic illnesses or radiation therapy.

The saliva has important tasks in the mouth. It helps to form a wet food bolus and makes swallowing easier. It also contains the first digestive enzymes that break down nutrients so that the body can absorb them later. The saliva also contains important minerals and ensures that the oral cavity remains clean and the teeth are protected from acid and sugar.

So if the saliva gets less, the quality of life will be considerably reduced.

This progress is often sneaky and the causes multifarious. From side effects of some medications, to saliva stones and older age, as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes, rheumatic diseases or Parkinson's to radiation in the head and neck in tumor therapy.

In addition, there are factors such as stress, smoking, depression, high blood pressure or limited nasal breathing or simply too little hydration, which worsen dry mouth.

The mucous membranes dehydrate and can inflame. Pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity multiply quickly and use the damaged mucous membrane to penetrate deeper into the tissues. It is difficult to swallow food, the throat is dry and the patient has to cough and clear the throat more often. Dentures loose fit and there are increasing pressure points. The tongue becomes inactive, sticks to the palate and makes it difficult to speak.

Those affected can now increasingly drink and requently moisten their mouth with water. Drops or chewing gums also relieve the problem at an early stage.

But what happens when a little sip of water is no longer enough?

In order to help those affected, there are now some saliva substitutes available. These include moisturizing gels and sprays, mouthwash or special toothpastes that stimulate the flow of saliva and create a kind of “saliva film” in the mouth to keep the mucous membranes moist and protected.

The tongue no longer sticks to the palate, dentures fit better and general oral health increases again.

The tongue no longer sticks to the palate, dentures fit better and general oral health increases again.

Come to us for a prophylaxis appointment and speak to us directly. We are happy to take care of your concerns and advise you in detail.

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