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Bad breath - when bad breath becomes a problem

ehind the strange-sounding terms such as "Halitosis" and "Foetor ex ore" hides a problem that many patients have to deal with: bad breath. In 80-90% of the cases, the causes are in the oral cavity or nasopharyngeal zone.

Poor oral hygiene and poor dental status are often the basis. That sounds logical and makes sense to most patients: poor oral hygiene, caries and plaque are ideal conditions for bacteria that produce foul-smelling metabolites.

But where does the bad breath come from when the teeth and interdental spaces are cleaned thoroughly every day and there is no caries?

The most common answer is: in the tongue!

bad breath clean tongueThe tongue consists of many so-called papillae with different tasks, such as sensing or tasting. You can imagine the tongue like a big carpet. However, deposits, food particles and even the smell-causing bacteria can now accumulate between the papillae.

This means that the tongue also needs adequate care. The tongue cleaning is not that difficult. Often it is enough to "brush" the tongue with a toothbrush after brushing your teeth.

But there are also numerous devices for this, such as a tongue scraper or tongue cleaner. If you then rinse your mouth with a suitable mouthwash for 30 seconds and frequently visit a tooth cleaning, mostly the bad breath will be eliminated.

If the bad breath does not go away even after dental treatment, other causes, such as chronic inflammation, periodontitis or systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, heartburn or mycosis can be considered.

Bad breath is a problem that affects many patients.
So do not hesitate and contact us directly!

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