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Free of pain

A root canal treatment without any pain? Yes, that is possible!

With an optimal anesthesia, we can consistently avoid pain during dental treatment. Therefore there is no need for pain during root canal treatment. After the treatment, the toothache caused by the inflammation will soon go away.

Dental fear is not that rare and does not have to be embarrassing to anyone. Our team takes such feelings very seriously and works with you to think about what you need to feel safe and relaxed.

For example, some patients have negative memories of past pain or experiences of anxiety. Others find the special position on the dental chair uncomfortable.

Together we are looking for the most effective solution - so that fear no longer blocks the path to helping treatment. A sensitive care in a relaxed atmosphere and an effective anesthesia usually help. Because if you feel safe and free of pain, experience shows that fears decrease more and more. For patients who mainly fear injections, we have special pain-free injection techniques.

(Source: DGET)

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