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What is endodontics?

Modern root canal treatment offers fascinating options for conserving diseased teeth. The corresponding field of dentistry, endodontics, has developed spectacularly in recent years.

The dental pulp with blood vessels and nerve fibers is located in the root of the tooth. A deep caries, fractures and other reasons can lead to inflammation of the pulp. With a modern root canal treatment, inflammation and bacteria are completely eliminated, so that the tooth can be kept in the mouth with full function.

Using a microscope, your dentist can also clean and seal the finest root canals in the tooth. Our practice has the appropriate equipment, such as a high-resolution dental microscope, and has extensive experience with endodontic treatments.

Using cone beam computer tomography, we can offer the most accurate examination procedure that is available today. That is why patients for root canal treatments from Berlin or surroundings are also referred to our practice.


Our portfolio also includes endodontic retreatment, i.e. for teeth that had previously received a root filling. We also frequently perform apioectomy, a small and precise operation to remove a chronic inflammation at the tip of a tooth.

You can find more information about root canal treatment in our Berlin practice on our website www.endoberlin-süd.de

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