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Procedure of a root canal treatment

What happens during root canal treatment?

Clinical examination and diagnostics

First we examine your tooth, make an exact diagnosis and discuss with you the treatment options that you can then think about. If root canal treatment is necessary, one or two additional appointments are usually required. You get an effective anesthesia throughout the treatment so that you do not feel any pain.

Treatment process

At the beginning of the treatment, the tooth is isolated with a so-called “rubber dam”. This protects the tooth from bacteria during the treatment. The root canals are then cleaned from damaged tissue using very thin and flexible instruments. With our high-resolution dental microscope, we can make sure that all root canals can be found and cleaned. With the help of an electroniccanal length measurement, we have the possibility of reliably detecting even very strongly curved root canals.

The root canal system is then disinfected and sealed with a special bacteria-proof filling material. The tooth is then guarded with a ceramic partial crown or a crown.

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