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In some cases not only the root of the tooth has become inflamed, but also the tissue at the root tip right into the jawbone.

In the dental practice Bleckmann in Berlin Neukölln, the apioectomy is performed microsurgically and under the microscope. This has clear advantages over conventional dental surgery: the microscope-assisted operation only causes a small opening in the jawbone, which can heal faster. The root can also be prepared very precisely. It remains more intact tooth substance. If necessary, the root can even be filled from its tip.

Figure 1: The root tip and infected tissue have to be removed surgically so that the tooth can be preserved.

Figure 2: Such an intervention is called apioectomy.

Figure 3: Our powerful dental microscope for root canal treatment ensures that the procedure is performed with high precision and minimally invasive.

(Source: DGET)

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