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Why implants?

Nobody likes to lose a tooth. All the more understandable is the the wish for a replacement that is as natural as possible.

Dental implants are artificial roots that are used in the jawbone instead of the root of a natural tooth. Your dentist can then attach an aesthetic restoration to the implant. Dental implants can be a fascinating solution in the event of tooth loss because a dental implant replaces your own tooth without affecting adjacent teeth – as happens attaching a bridge.

Thanks to many dental innovations and the research of the past few years, even larger dentures can be comfortably and securely attached in the mouth with dental implants. No difficulties when eating and speaking, no problems with fixation and sore spots, a completely natural feeling in the mouth - ideally you should forget that you are wearing a dental implant.

Certification - Olga Bleckmann, ZAHNÄRZTE-BUCKOW

Certification according to DGI - the largest specialist society for implantology in Europe.

DGI - certified implantologist - this certificate is only awarded to operating dentists after extensive training and a final examination.

To the website of the German Association of Oral Implantology

Ideally, you will have a “solid tooth” that completely takes over the function of the natural tooth and can hardly be distinguished from it in the mouth.

In dentistry, the insertion of implants is considered a safe therapy with very good chances of success. The surgical procedure today is comparatively simple and generally does strain the patient.

Dental implants offer a lot of advantages:

  • They can be used for crowns, bridges or dentures.
  • There is no grinding of healthy adjacent teeth to bridge a tooth gap.
  • After a few days, patients often forget the tooth is not natural.
  • A restoration cannot slip and is usually not recognizable at all.
  • If the requirements are complied, they can be used at any age (after completion of jaw growth).

Since implants transfer the chewing forces to the bone, they can prevent the breakdown of jawbone and supporting tissue in toothless areas in the mouth. An implant should therefore be inserted soon after the loss of a tooth.

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