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Implantation procedure

Dental implants - procedure of an implantation

Before the treatment: examination, consultation, planning.

Preliminary examinations ând consultation are very important to plan an implantation.

Preliminary examinations usually include x-rays of the jaw, a so-called orthopantomogram (OPG).

Other imaging techniques may also be necessary, e.g. a Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT). These data are used to calculate digital 3D-models of the jaw on the computer, so that the position of the implant can be planned precisely.

Based on all diagnostic findings, we will then plan the implant treatment in our practice together with you.

The implantation and implant recovery time

The actual implantation is a small surgical procedure. It is performed under local anesthesia, so that you will be free of pain. Pain relievers, which you can receive from us, will help you against recovery pain afterwards. Different ways to make the procedure as stress-free as possible are discussed with you in advance. For example, an escort may also be helpful.

Before an implant can be loaded, it usually has to heal in the jaw for two to six months. In the meantime you will always receive a provisional restoration (crown, bridge, denture) from us, so that you never have to leave the practice with a "tooth gap" or without a prosthesis.

Once the implant has healed, the treatment ends with the final restoration.

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