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Costs and grants

It is not possible to give a general answer on exact costs, since the final price always depends on many factors.

It depends on the number of implants that are necessary, the type of implant and the difficulty of the procedure in your individual case.

The costs for an implant can range from roughly 1250 to 2500 euros - which includes laboratory and material costs, X-ray diagnostics and the dentist's fee. Furthermore, there are the costs for prosthesis (crown, bridge, denture). If bone graft augmentation is necessary, there is additional expense.

Depending on the health insurance, the participation in an implant treatment can vary. Private health insurance companies cover the costs if implant treatments are included in the selected contract. Statutory health insurance companies have a system of fixed grants for prosthesis since 2005, regardless of the treatment that the patient actually chooses. This grants amount about 50% of a basic treatment. The grant increases with the number of check-ups in the so-called “Bonusheft”. The implant itself and the placement are not included in the list of services covered by the statutory health insurance. For more detailed information, you can contact us at any time without obligation.

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