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Bone graft augmentation

Bone graft augmentation/ dental implants

The dental implant is used as an artificial root in the jawbone. Therefore, healing and durability mainly depend on the conditions of the bone.

However, if the tooth was lost a long time ago, the jawbone has reduced and atrophied due to the lack of impact in the concerned area. In the past, an implant was no longer possible in these situations. Today there are reliable methods for restoring the bone in the jaw.

Using a special technique called "augmentation", bone material can be obtained from another area of the jaw, so that it can be used to strengthen the implant region. The bone tissue can also be mixed with artificial bone graft materials to increase the available amount.

implant bone structure

In the lateral region of the upper jaw, there is often too little bone available for an implant. The alveolar ridge directly borders on the maxillary sinus. A surgical technique was therefore developed for this area, which is called the "sinus lift". In sinus lift surgery, the local bone is strengthened with own or artificial bone graft augmentation so that a sufficient amount of solid bone can recover for an implantation within a few months.

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