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Teeth whitening

Say „Yes“ to white teeth

Discoloration caused by tea, coffee, red wine or nicotine are the most common reasons for power bleaching. Even when fillings or new dentures in the anterior region are planned, it is worth considering having teeth whitened beforehand. Restorations, such as veneers or crowns cannot be whitened. After a bleaching, they would be noticeable by a darker color.

In principle, the treatment is suitable for anyone who has discolorations due to the consumption of tobacco and coffee or other coloring food, such as coke or dark sauces. In addition, even stubborn discolorations caused by certain medications, antibiotics or fluorosis may be removed permanently.

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Dental disease and Bleaching

Only healthy teeth should be whitened. Caries must be removed and treated before a bleaching, otherwise the bleaching gel can penetrate the inside of the tooth and damage it. It is also important that the bleaching does not work on exposed and already slightly discolored tooth necks. In addition, sensitive tooth necks are unsuitable for bleaching, as it can increase existing hypersensitivity.

Before bleaching your teeth, we therefore examine you in detail and pay special attention to existing caries, receding gums and exposed dental necks.

Professional dental cleaning in preparation of a whitening

Our bleaching treatment is comprehensive and starts with an examination by our dentists to preclude the above mentioned dental diseases and to find out what caused the discolouration of the teeth.

This is followed by professional tooth cleaning, as bleaching is most effective on freshly cleaned and polished tooth surfaces and can achieve the best possible whitening. So before you have your teeth whitened, we recommend to make an appointment for professional teeth cleaning with our prophylaxis assistant.

In addition, you will be informed about the treatment in detail and we will develop a strategy together with you, so that you will enjoy the bleaching result for a long time.

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When do we recommend a bleaching:

  • Discoloured vital and avital teeth.
  • Colour adjustment of the teeth (e.g. in case of pronounced colour differences of the canine teeth to the total dentition).
  • Renewed colour matching of natural teeth to existing long-term, but still clinically intact crowns and bridge restorations.

When do we advise against a bleaching:

  • For purely superficial discolouration, which can be removed by professional tooth cleaning.
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • If known allergies to carbamide peroxide/ hydrogen peroxide exist.
  • If there are defective teeth.
  • For translucent teeth.

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