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Modern composites - direct composite inlays

Modern composite materials offer exciting and excellent options for the restoration of a tooth. Composites are a mixture of materials made up of ceramic and plastic components. They make it possible to restore defects with a fantastic aesthetic quality. The composite material is applied layer by layer during the treatment session until the desired final shape is achieved. This allows optimal modeling of the restoration.

I really enjoy working with composite materials because of the advantages it offers. In particular, I appreciate that composite restorations can also be repaired several times without having to remove the entire restoration.

This is not possible with a ceramic inlay. Compared to a restoration with a ceramic inlay, the composite restoration also allows changes color and shape at any time. To perform an endodontic treatment, the composite restoration does not need to be destroyed, other than a ceramic inlay. Another aspect that is often forgotten is that composite materials are more elastic and therefore breakages and flaking occur less frequently.

Composites can be used in the treatment of children and adults.

In summary, they are particularly recommended in the following situations:

  • For fillings in the area of particularly apparent teeth, e.g. in the anterior region
  • If a good restoration of a defect is necessary and options for all other treatment measures should be kept open at the same time (e.g. for a later root canal treatment)
  • For individual teeth that need to be optimized in terms of color and shape
  • If problems with a high occlusal load are more likely to occur, e.g. with bruxism.
Modern composites - direct composite inlays

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