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Aesthetic dentistry

Feeling attractive is important for well-being. And the teeth are very important for the appearance. But aesthetic dentistry is about more than the brightness of the teeth, as can be influenced by whitening.

Aesthetic dentistry is about the entire visual appearance of the teeth. The basis for aesthetic dentistry is a special knowledge of the effects of geometric relationships, the natural shape and surface properties of teeth and other important properties such as light refraction and color effects.

We use different measures to approach your new smile:

  • Photo analysis
  • Functional analysis
  • making models for restorations
  • teeth whitening
  • improvement of shape through composites
  • minimally invasive treatments
  • improvement of the gum line (the "red and white aesthetics")

We can often do a lot in aesthetics. If you want to feel more comfortable with the appearance of your teeth, it will be our pleasure to be there for you. Contact us.

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