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3D-Röntgen beim Zahnarzt - Vorteile von 3D-Röntgen beim Zahnarzt

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3D X-ray

img DVT 9000 3D

Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) - 3D X-ray

The Cone Beam Computer Tomography (CBCT) shows anatomical relations teeth, roots and jaw three-dimensional and in very high resolution. This state-of-the-art technology thus helps to improve diagnostics and treatment in endodontics. The dentist receives information about dental structures in all angles and views, an exact representation of spatial relation.

Modern and gentle

DThe radiation exposure to dental X-ray and CBCT images is very low. For example, we know that an average flight trip causes significantly more radiation exposure than a dental CBCT *. Although 36% of all medical X-rays are done in dental clinics, the total radiation exposure of these dental images is just 0.2% of all radiation doses caused by medical examinations. These numbers are pretty impressive.

In any case, your health protection is always our top priority. We take care to further minimize any unnecessary exposure by using the latest generation of equipment and limiting every examination to the smallest possible field of view.

DVT scan area

You want to refer your patients to us for a CBCT?

We are happy to capture a CBCT for your indication as a colleague. Send your patient to us with a brief information about the area to be examined. After the examination, your patient immediately receives a DVD with the recordings and a viewing program (viewer). We will then send a short radiological report to your practice a few days later. If you only need the recordings, please let us know in advance.

Technical information

  • The CS 9000 3D system provides a field of view of 50/37 mm (FOV) for high-resolution image volumes.
  • Resolution of 0.076 mm.
  • Security - low dose 3D imaging.
  • Radiation exposure is limited to the selected area, whereby the ALRA principle (As Low as Reasonably Achievable) is taken into account.
  • The average dose exposed for a single 3D examination with the CS 9000 3D system corresponds to max. 1.8 times the dose of a panoramic radiograph.

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