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Our philosophy in our dental practice in Berlin - Buckow

For us as a dentist, it is important to preserve teeth

The first priority for us as a dentist is to preserve your own teeth as long as possible. Modern root canal treatments, gentle filling therapy, aesthetic corrections with composites or veneers instead of crowning – to give some examples.

Dentist - qualification never ends

Our dentists and the entire team set value on a continuous qualification in the central fields of dentistry. We are in constant contact with dentists in Berlin, Germany and beyond to take up all important new developments in dentistry.

Technological support

Even for us as a dentist, dentistry doesn't stand still. As in many fields of life, technological developments in dentistry can lead to increasing quality. For example, modern root canal treatments without a microscopic magnification are inconceivable. In implantology, computer navigation and new implant systems lead to completely new possibilities. In addition to continuous qualification, technology is also an important pillar in our practice concept.

Understanding of fears

With us you will find a full understanding of fears. We always want to give you exactly the support you need. Our experience is that with each step of treatment that we take with you, trust grows and fears disappear.

Avoid pain

As dentists, we consistently avoid pain during our treatments. Today local anesthesia allows to gently and effectively eliminate pain during a treatment. Even i fit comes to fears of injections, there are many ways that make the injection hardly to be felt.

Minimally invasive dentistry

To repair tooth decay as early as possible protecingt the healthy tooth substance as much as possible – this is what we call minimally invasive dentistry in our dental practice in Berlin.


All materials must be safe and permanently well tolerated - we follow this principle in our Berlin dental practice. Our materials such as filling cements, composites or ceramics have been tested many times and, according to today's assessment, pose no risk of incompatibility. Our dental practice in Berlin is free of amalgam.

Short waiting times

Every appointment is a personal appointment for you. In our practice in Berlin we try to plan the sessions in a way that makes your stay in the waiting room as short as possible. You can therefore expect that you do not have longer waiting periods for your appointment.

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