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Implantate All-on-4

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All-on-4 ™

Fixed dentures in just one day. Laugh, eat, talk and live carefree with only 4 implants.

The All-on-4® treatment concept

is the minimally invasive immediate solution for fixed dentures.

If all teeth in a jaw have been lost, fixed dentures can be attached to just four implants with the all - on - four concept.

The advantages:

  • Immediate loading
  • Optimal aesthetics
  • High wearing comfort

It is thus possible to get new "fixed teeth" instead of a removable full denture - actually an old dream.
More information about dental implants.

The method was developed by Prof. Paolo Malo and distributed by Nobelbiocare. In the meantime, there have been positive long-term experiences so that a number of implant manufacturers offer similar concepts. We have therefore adopted the concept in our list of services.

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